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The Labrador Retriever Blueprint Information:

This Labrador Retriever blueprint is a wonderful piece of art that will make a great gift!
Optional: Personalize this print with the name of your dog(s)!

Size: 16×20

The blueprint is printed on high quality photo paper. No framing is included.

Color Options:
Standard – Looks new, like a clean finished product.
Vintage – Background will appear faded and worn in some areas. All vintage effects are purely digital.

The same high quality photo paper is used in each product.
Standard and Vintage prints come in both Blue and Cream color.

General Information About the Blueprint:
I’m a professional engineer who produces drawings for a living. I’ve used the same techniques and language I would use in a professional drawing to produce this creative way to showcase your dog in a special piece of art.

The blueprint contains a plethora of information about the breed standard of your dog in accordance with the American Kennel Club. It’s detailed to include all of the information that makes your dog who he/she is.

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